About Me

Soosan Ahanchi

Hi, I am Soosan, a freelance photographer who spent almost 11 years capturing the most beautiful moments of my clients’ life. All over these years, every time I picked up my camera to document a specific story of a family, couple, or newborn kid, in addition to my photography knowledge, I blended the pictures with the whole love, passion, and positive energy that I had. The results have always been unique, and distinctive and brought a smile to their face every time they look back at pictures and remind them of that particular moment. In my opinion, my pronounced characteristic features that help clients feel comfortable and experience a stressless photography session are that I am very welcoming, cheerful, and warmhearted.
In my photography sessions, you won’t be overwhelmed with or involved in formal and annoying gestures; inversely, once you look back at your pictures, you would be amazed by the moments that happened in a glimpse of an eye and captured by me. So, if you are a camera-shy person, or impatient to stay in front of a camera, I would guarantee that you would definitely have a different experience with me.
I am fully committed to my work and the desires of clients are very important to me. For such a reason, before each photography session, we can get to know each other more, grab a cup of coffee and talk about the ideas that you have from the outfit colors to other details like accessories.
In the end, I would have to appreciate your choice, in advance, to rely on a fun and energetic photographer who enjoys capturing the best moments of your life.

With Love Soosan

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